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​Star Destroyer
G Star Destroyer

G Star Shryke
G Star Thunderbird
Champ Sidewinder
Star Teebird
C line FD
G line FD
Proline Sail

SP line Squall
C line MD3
Proline Tremor

P line P2
D line Steady
​OG Wizard

How I Got Started

I started playing disc golf in college around 2015. I was attending CSU Monterey Bay and was curious what the baskets that I kept seeing around campus  were for. My boyfriend was familiar with disc golf and showed me the ropes with a few of his own discs he'd still had from college.
From the moment I threw my first disc, I WAS HOOKED! The first course I ever played was a 27 hole beast of a course named Ryan Ranch Disc Golf Course in Monterey, CA. My first disc ever thrown was a champion Teebird and it is still one of my go-to fairway drivers in the bag to this day.

After this week, this club is FAM and this game is LIFE□□

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Today's victory: walked away with no poison oak

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How I Started Competing

Don't ever underestimate the power of social media
After my first disc golf outing with the boyfriend, I posted a photo on my Instagram feed of the basket on hole #5 of Ryan Ranch, a treacherous uphill hole with a lovely death putt (shown above). It was this photo on my feed that changed the course (no pun intended) of my entire disc golf future forever. After I posted this photo, I started searching Instagram's hashtag feed for #discgolf and stumbled across a female disc golfer who was also attending my college at the time. I found her feed extremely inspirational and started following her. She noticed my follow and also noticed that my Instagram stated I was attending the same college as her. She quickly reached out to me to see if I was interested in a casual round with her and the other females on the disc golf team. I gladly accepted the invitation and from the moment we all played our first round together, we clicked splendidly. The men and women's team helped me go from a beginner level to an intermediate level of skill in just a few short months and by April 2016, I had already competed in three tournaments and was ready to help the team head back to Collegiate National's to defend their women's title, which we successfully did in 2016 and then again in 2017, making CSU Monterey Bay the first team in history to win the title for three consecutive years in a row.